Our cat is gone.

On November 10, 2008, our cat Bender disappeared from the backyard of his home on Lanie Court, in the Morgan Greens neighborhood of Roseville, California (near the intersection of PFE and Cook Riolo Roads). He was wearing a collar with two ID tags, and was microchipped. Please keep an eye out for our big boy - we miss him! I'm offering a CASH REWARD for his safe return.

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Days Missing:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still no Bender, but look at this girl!

It's now been over two months, and still not a single confirmed sighting of Bender. Many, many calls for look-alikes, and a lot of near-misses, but not a single call that I know for sure is Bender. I'm doing a lot of walking and have made a lot of new friends, but still no Bender. By no means are we giving up, though -- the search continues. Some of the big signs are starting to disappear, so we're busy keeping those in shape and making sure people know that he's still gone - in short, annoying everybody. Two days ago I received a call from a woman who was sure she had found Bender in a field - I went out there, climbed through a barbed-wire fence and found, not Bender, but this little girl - quite lost and afraid, but well-fed and friendly. Because none of the local neighbors knew who she was, I took her home - temporarily. Just for a few days. I swear. Until we find the true owner. And, until then, we've named her Cow-Cow.

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