Our cat is gone.

On November 10, 2008, our cat Bender disappeared from the backyard of his home on Lanie Court, in the Morgan Greens neighborhood of Roseville, California (near the intersection of PFE and Cook Riolo Roads). He was wearing a collar with two ID tags, and was microchipped. Please keep an eye out for our big boy - we miss him! I'm offering a CASH REWARD for his safe return.

(To see more pictures of Bender, please scroll to the bottom of the blog.)

Days Missing:

Monday, December 22, 2008

What we've done.

Having never lost a cat before, this was quite a new experience for us. We started with just a few signs posted in our immediate neighborhood, but when Bender wasn't home in a couple of days, we moved to widespread posting of laminated flyers, mailings of "lost pet" postcards, and large signs at local intersections - we even found a "telephone calling service" which calls local homes and leaves an automated message (lost pets are apparently a big industry). We've registered him with every lost pet service I can find on the web, and we've been visiting and checking with the shelters and other animal people regularly. We've posted ads in the Sacramento Bee and Craiglist, and begged real estate agents to open up nearby empty houses. We've run down every tip and every sighting, knocked on doors, and talked to almost a hundred people. We've searched the creek and the fields, climbed a few fences, and even trespassed a few times. Still nothing. While we haven't yet found Bender, we've discovered a huge community of people who love their animals and who have gone well out of their way to help me find him - to all of you, I am grateful. Please keep looking - he's out there somewhere!

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